Featured Location

The Silver Birch

Located in downtown Thunder Bay, the focus of The Silver Birch Restaurant is “Northern Inspired Cuisine.” They celebrate the local food and culture of Northern Ontario. Their menu is divided into “land and shores” using fresh fish, game, meat and seasonal vegetables from local producers. They have been using Freshwater Cuisine’s products since its inception, experimenting with different local fish and even launching a “Fish Friday”. They have some truly outstanding menu items including: Walleye Cakes, Walleye Wraps, Northern Pike Shore Lunch, Perch Bites and our personal favourite Coconut Walleye Wings!


“The Silver Birch Restaurant is extremely happy to have Freshwater Cuisine supply our establishment with a variety of products which are consistently fresh and of high quality. They are a perfect fit for our Northern Inspired focus. Walleye Wings have now found a permanent spot on our menu because of their uniqueness, versatility and most importantly customers love them!”

Darlene Green / Owner / Silver Birch

How to Buy

Freshwater Cuisine, located just off the highway in Kenora welcomes the public to come out and purchase fresh fillets or any of its products directly from the fish plant.

The company’s processed products including the famous Walleye Wings are available at various restaurants and retailers all across Ontario, and the availability is rapidly expanding. Whether you’re a consumer, a retailer, or a chef our products are perfect for you! They are unique, delicious and 100% wild caught.