About Our Products

Freshwater Cuisine purchases from over 45 independent First Nations fishermen, to supply only the highest quality wild caught freshwater fish. Once the fish is purchased it processed on a first in first out bases, resulting in the sale of either fresh or IQF products. Freshwater Cuisine currently processes a wide range of freshwater fish either on the round or into fillets, including: black crappie, northern pike, tullibee, walleye, whitefish, and yellow perch. Alongside that, Freshwater Cuisine also produces a wide range of processed fish products, containing 100% wild caught freshwater fish.

Offering a True Northern Culinary Experience

Who says fish can’t fly? These meaty morsels are breaded in our secret recipe, and then either baked or fried to perfection. They can be served on their own, as an appetizer or used to compliment a delicious meal.


This is the most amazingly delicate part of the walleye, it is so tender that it will literally melt in your mouth. They can be served alone as an appetizer with a delectable dipping sauce, or as the showcase ingredient in a gourmet salad or entrée.


This freshwater delicacy is gentle on the palate with a soft texture and mouth-watering finish. You’ll be wanting more after just one bite! Perfect to feature beside or on top of your favourite fresh salad.


Featuring a sweeter and bolder flavour profile over our Whitefish Cakes, our Wild Caught Pike Cakes are truly a delight to taste. Whether baked or fried, you can serve as an appetizer or give in to your taste buds and make a meal out of them.

Customer Testimonial

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It was great meeting you at the Toronto Food Show. After tasting your new products, I thought you stole the show.

Robert Raymond
Dana Hospitality